About Lauma

Lauma Properties is located in Victoria, the capital of beautiful British Columbia. The greater Victoria area is surrounded by water and mountains, and boasts a temper climate and ideal living conditions. Victoria is simply put a luxurious place to call home, and Lauma Properties would like to put you here. Our number one product is customer satisfaction. We believe in the power of communication and its ability to turn a luborious project into a positive and enjoyable experience. Our step by step process is developed to stay involved in the creation of your home.

Our goal is to design and create a property as individual as each of our clients, to create a home that is beyond the expected, to create a property like no other.
Bryan Milkowski

Lauma Properties is under the leadership of Bryan Milkowski. Bryan is a second generation home builder who throughout the years has learned the finer points of the industry through it’s best. Bryan has assembled a team of craftsman, trades, and professionals who share the same passion of creating a world class home.

Lindsay Trudeau

Lindsay Brings a wealth of knowledge to our design team with over 15 years of experience in both exterior and interior home design. Lindsay has a unique ability to look at a design and not only plan for room sizes, but how the house will flow down to the slightest details such as picture and furniture walls, as well as interior trim, finishing, colours, landscape, and cabinet layouts.

Lindsays interior designs not only create a world class residence, but also a place where our clients feel warm and at home. Lindsay thrives on working with clientele and their needs, but also providing ideas that make sense for the home in the present and future.